Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines and Information for Peer-Reviewed Blog Clusters

Abstract length: 250-350 words.

Abstract should include: Full name, bio, and proper title for proposed final piece.

Final length: 2,000-2,500 words / 8-10 pages (double-spaced).

Document type and format: Word and Chicago Manual of Style.

Access: Blog clusters are open access.

Quotations: first editions, scholarly editions, or renowned publishers are preferred when citing a text (Oxford University Press, Library of America, Viking, Scribner’s, Modern Library, Penguin, etc.).

Capitalization: We ask that you be consistent in using lower-case or upper-case when referring to literary or cultural fields (i.e. Modernism or modernism).

Spacing: One space in between sentences.

Punctuation and italics: Refrain from abbreviating countries, states, etc. Use em dashes (—) for long dashes and en-dashes (–) for hyphens; please, no spacing between text and dashes. Use smart quotation marks (“ ”) when citing another individual. Use single quotation marks (‘ ’) when quoting within a quote.

Miscellaneous: Spell out centuries (nineteenth, twentieth, etc.). Spell out numbers less than one hundred. Use full numerical designations without apostrophes for decades (the 1930s, not the 30’s or the thirties).

If accepted: You will receive an email with more-detailed guidelines.

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