Mina Loy Quotes

Quotes from the Poetry of Mina Loy

“At your mercy
Our Universe
Is only
A colorless onion
You derobe
Sheath by sheath
A disheartening odour
About your nervy hands”
— from “II” in “Love Songs”

“The loquent consciousness
of living things
pours in torrential languages”
— from “Joyce’s Ulysses”

“A flock of dreams
browse on Necropolis”
— from “Lunar Baedeker”

“Nostalgic youth
Holding your mistress’s pricked finger
In the indifferent flame of the taper
Synthetic symbol of LIFE
In this factitious chamber of DEATH
The woman
As usual
Is smiling as bravely
As it is giver to her to be brave”
— from “Café du Néant”

“From these
slow-drying bloods of mysticism
the something-soul emerges
— from “Religious Instruction”



*The featured photograph is of a painting by Mina Loy herself. The image was pulled from https://mina-loy.com, where more of her artistic work can be found.

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  1. Francesca Mancino says:

    Thanks, I typically use photos that aren’t subject to copyright. This was an exception, so I cited the source.

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