About the Author

Francesca Mancino is currently a Master’s in English student at Case Western Reserve University. Here, she has participated in a colloquium concerning digital pedagogy in analyzing how the Shakespeare and Company Project‘s digitization of Sylvia Beach’s bookselling records reveals the reading habits of famous writers. (She, also, partook in some research for the Project.) Additionally, she has presented conference papers on William Faulkner (Faulkner Studies in the UK); Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Beach (Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf); and Sherwood Anderson, Jean Toomer, and Claude McKay (PCA/ACA). Her writing is forthcoming in The Faulkner Journal (JHU Press) and she is a Kuehl fellow (2021) with the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society. Also forthcoming is whether she will pursue a PhD in English or open a bookshop of her own.

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